What to expect when buying your first diamond in dubai

taylor saba

Posted on April 06 2021


if you came across this blog you probably are planning on buying a diamond in dubai, it can be very overwhelming. You probably started your marvelous journey into the diamond world through google where you come across hundreds of websites and thousands of articles talking about everything you can imagine from diamond buying tips to choosing the best setting for your piece of jewelry

After your research online you will find In dubai there are many different places where you can go. Usually as a tourist your first thought would be the famous gold souk seeing as most tour companies send people there. i do not recommend going there if you are an unexperienced diamond buyer and gemologist. The place is perfect if you want to buy plain gold jewelry for cheap coming from india.

After going through the bustling streets of the gold souk you will overhear of this place called the gold and diamond park. its an interesting location where you will find many diamond jewelry retailers and diamond jewelry factories. This place is better for first time diamond buyers because there are more regulations and as it has a great selection of diamonds as most places in dubai.

If you do not find your perfect thing after visiting these two locations you will most probably come across several diamond jewelry stores in all the major malls. There you will find everything imaginable from high end brands such as cartier, vancleef, graff to Local diamond companies. 

Whats the difference?

Well in gold souk you should buy gold not diamonds.

In gold and diamond park you can find commercial jewelry.

and in the malls you can find a mix of everything, most stores in the malls have offices or branches in the gold souk, gold and diamond park aswell as in almas tower home to one of the worlds largest diamond trading bourses. so you can find anything from low quality to high quality diamond jewelry.

in conclusion you should decide what type of jewelry you are looking for to save some time as the diamond purchasing journey can be overwhelming.

since there is an immense amount of competition and diamonds and gold are both commodities most local jewelry stores will offer great prices so do not be scared to go into a shop just because its in a fancy mall these are some of the best kept secrets. Excluding the international brands which of course charge a premium for their branding.

You can buy diamond jewelry in most parts of the city from strip malls to souks. 

my one word of advice stay away from shops offering crazy discounts or have high starting prices and then you will have to barter with them. These are unscrupulous marketing tactics and because the rest of the world diamonds are so expensive many unsuspecting people fall into these gimmicks.

Try to find companies already starting with a reasonable price, make sure that all your large diamonds ( above 0.2 cts ) are certified and mostly that the store you visit allows you to view the rappaport price lists to see the actual market value of your diamonds. If you follow these tips hopefully you can avoid the common misfortune of finding out your diamonds are not worth what you paid for.


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