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Diamond stud earrings are one of the most versatile pieces of jewelry in a woman’s accessory arsenal. Whether studs are multi-carat or dainty, star-like dots; princess shaped, Asscher, or the classic round brilliant; a perfect pair of diamond stud earrings are a must-have accessory.

If there’s a woman in your life whose jewelry box is sans diamond studs, now is the time to present her with her own perfect pair. Diamond studs can be worn anywhere and anytime. Depending on the ensemble, diamond studs can play casual or elegant, conservative or bold.

Perfect Diamond Stud Shape

Diamond studs are available in a variety of shapes and cuts. Classic shapes and styles like the princess or round brilliant pair perfectly with other studs or earrings (if her ears have multiple piercings). If she’s into a more avant-garde style, select trillion cut studs or heart shapes.

Asscher, cushion, and emerald cuts provide a vintage flair and pair well with the classic little black dress, but you can also dress them down by wearing them with shorts or a sundress.

The shape you need depends on her style. But no matter which shape you choose, they are sure to complement her entire wardrobe!

Sizing Up Your Diamond Studs

With diamond stud earrings, the size or carat weight of the diamonds creates different types of visual allure. Dainty-sized studs demurely peek from the earlobe, offering a glint of sparkle. Bigger carat weights are a bit more formal but can still be worn with casual wear. With diamond earrings, the wearer’s attitude is everything!

For lobes with multiple piercings, use increasing carat weights in each piercing for a fun effect. While most women place the smallest stud in the top-most piercing, you can play with size placement and other earring designs to create unique looks.

No Need to Change with Diamond Studs

The best feature of diamond studs is their versatility. Diamond studs are always work appropriate, but they can also be worn after-hours for cocktails, a casual dinner, or even to the gym. Diamonds are the ultimate go-to accessory.

Want to spice up a pair of studs? Use different earring jackets to create more formal earring designs with your traditional studs.

Why Stud Earrings for Women Are A Great Gift


Whether paired with a strand of pearls, a turquoise bracelet, silver jewelry, or more diamonds, classic diamond studs won’t clash with other jewelry. Diamonds match every stone and complement all metals, so you can pair diamond studs with anything in the jewelry box without worry.

Diamond Studs Make a Gift for Any Occasion


For brides planning their wedding and unsure about what to gift to their bridesmaids, opt for diamond studs. Brides can find diamond stud earrings at prices to fit nearly any budget.

A gift of diamond studs is the ideal way to welcome new graduates into the next chapter of their life. Whether they are finishing high school or college, diamond studs are the ultimate way to celebrate a new phase in adulthood.

Diamond studs also make the perfect ‘I love you’ gift for mothers. There is no better way to honor mom on Mother’s Day than with a pair of perfect diamonds. The sparkling surprise will show her how priceless she is to you.


Diamond stud earrings are the go-to accessory for every woman’s jewelry collection. She will reach for those perfect sparkling studs over and over again. From running errands to date nights, weddings and work meetings, diamond studs are the accessory that keeps pace with every phase of life and never goes out of style.

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