18K Solid Gold

We only use high-quality gold, working only with the best sources. Solid gold is used to manufacture fine jewelry as it never changes color or oxidises. Our 18K Solid Gold is durable, shiny.

Natural Diamonds

As a diamond manufacturer we only keep the keep the best cut diamonds for our own jewelry. The very good cut diamonds we wholesale off in the local market and internationally. Our gemologists sort through the cut diamonds not only checking for the 4 C's (Color , Clarity , Cut , Carat) we also check them for their fire and scintillation (Which usually is far more important then then other C's) using our own specialized equipment which uses AI to recognize which diamonds have the most life.

Precious Color Gemstone

We mine and collect the rarest gemstones. We sell the best gemstones you can find. These high-grade precious stones come straight from the mine to you. You can always be sure that they are ethical. Most of the gemstones come from our mines in Malawi and Tanzania but once in a while when something special pops up in the market we also buy them.