Oval Cut Diamonds Advantages Versus Disadvantages Pros and Cons

What is an Oval cut diamond?

Oval cut diamonds are simply an elongated round brilliant cut, Oval cuts have the brilliance of the round diamond, but a more unique shape. They are so great for creating unique engagement rings because their shape allows so much room for artists to be creative.

Advantages of an oval cut diamond

  • Oval cut diamonds have a bigger look than similar sized round diamonds. More affordable 

  • An oval cut diamond will cost less than a round cut diamond of the same carat and clarity, so you can afford a bigger diamond for your budget.

  • Ovals are one of the shiniest cuts of diamonds

  • No delicate edges so when you bump it it is much less likely to be damaged

Disadvantages of an oval cut diamond

  • If your buying a lower quality oval cut diamond since it has a big table you have to make sure it does not have any eye visible inclusions
  • Unlike many cuts it does not hide imperfections


In conclusion oval cut diamonds are one of the best choices you can get for your diamond unless you are buying a low quality one, luckily if your buying a good quality one you have nothing to worry about and should enjoy the benefits of owning such a beautiful diamond.



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