Step by step jewelry cleaning guide at home

Cleaning your jewelry at home

We know you love your diamonds to shine thats the best thing about diamonds!

Everyday dirt and oil sticks to your beautiful diamonds blocking light form entering the diamond and reducing shine. Luckily that problem can be solved very easily at home! We realized our own guide and many others online were so complicated so we had out expert jewelers come up with a simple easy to clean guide!



Use a soft brush with toothpaste to gently brush away any built up dirt


Rinse with clean water

Watch out because the jewelry can be come very slippery so try not to do this over an open drain or faucet


Use a blow dryer to dry your jewelry while it is wrapped in a towel.

This step is very important because removed water marks from forming on the diamonds which reduce light performance

Just be careful because this causes the ring to get very hot so let it cool down for a few minutes before wearing it.


This is not as good as cleaning with an ultrasound machine or using jewelry cleaning chemicals but it is good for regular cleaning. Incase you can not visit the jewelry shop and need to clean your jewelry use this simple method.


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