What Carat Diamond is Best for Studs?

Diamond studs are sold by the total carat weight (ctw). This means that you’ll have to divide the weight in half to know the approximate weight of the diamond on each ear.


0.10-0.25 ctw

At this weight, the diamonds will be quite small. This size is great for a child’s gift or for those who prefer understated jewelry. At these sizes, gold pre-set earrings with well-cut, sparkly round diamonds will cost about $100 to $400.


0.30-0.50 ctw

Moving up in carat weight, the diamonds become more noticeable but may still seem small. This range is perfect for a first pair of diamond studs. Expect to spend $300 to $800 for studs of this size.


0.75 ctw

At this size, the diamonds are over 4 mm in diameter and really make an impact. However, prices also increase. Expect to spend $1,000 to $2,000 on diamond studs this size.


1.00 ctw

When you reach the 1-ctw mark, each diamond is over 5 mm in diameter, a very nice size for diamond studs. However, this weight will also come with a significant price tag. Pre-made studs with well-cut diamonds can cost anywhere from $1,500 to $4,000.


1.50 ctw

Each earring is noticeably large and can have a ton of sparkle. Nearly 6 mm in diameter, these diamonds may look overly large on petite ears but provide the perfect earlobe coverage for larger ears. Again, in this weight range, it’s best to build earrings with laboratory-graded diamonds. Expect to spend at least $4,000 on 1.50-ctw diamond studs.


2.00 ctw

At the 2.00-ctw mark, each diamond weighs about 1 ct, making them large and very sparkly. If you’re looking at 2.00-ctw diamond studs, make sure your diamonds come with certifications from reputable laboratories. At this size, well-cut round diamonds will cost at least $7,000.

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