What You Should Know About Buying Big Diamonds

Everyone dreams of owning a large diamond.
Before buying one you should know this.
It can be a daunting experience as there as so many different options available with a huge range in price.
A round shaped 3ct can cost anywhere from 17,000usd till 168,000usd.
A fancy shaped 3ct can cost anywhere from 12,000usd to 141,000usd.

Everyone hears the words vvs and d color and this is what they want but there is no need to buy these stones to set on a ring because the everyday wear and tear on the stones lowers the value. those are investment grade diamonds which should be locked in a safe while they accumulate value.
The clarity grades vs2 and above look exactly the same to the naked eye and an g/h colored diamond looks the same as a d color diamond when it’s set into a ring at a significantly lower price.
When buying a large diamond it is very important to make sure they have have excellent cut grades because that is what will give the diamond fire and scintillation more then the color or the clarity.
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