Which Diamond Cut Sparkles the Most?

Why do we love diamonds so much? Hello, sparkle! A dazzling rock is the topic of conversation, an attention grabber and adds instant glitz to a ring setting.

That’s because diamonds are notorious for their stunning brilliance. When light hits a diamond, it reflects through the myriad of facets to emit an eye-catching sparkle. It’s easy to see why diamonds are iconized as a prized jewel of pop culture.

However, not all diamonds are created equal. So, what makes certain diamonds sparkle more than others? In this article, we’re shining the light on a crucial factor of diamond sparkle: cut. With so many different diamond cuts to choose from. pear, princess, round brilliant, heart, emerald, and more, which is the best diamond cut for sparkle?

Allow us to illuminate the details! Below are the various diamond cuts in descending order from most brilliant to least.

The Most Brilliant Cut

The first item on our list is the most brilliant diamond cut, which also happens to be the most popular: the round brilliant.

You might be wondering why this simple and elegant diamond cut creates such a brilliant sparkle? Well, there’s a reason why it’s called the round brilliant. With a generous 57-58 facets in the stone, light hits the diamond and proportionately distributes through each facet. The result is a whopping 92% light reflection and ultimate sparkle. Bottom line, if you want a diamond that sparkles above the rest, the round brilliant has your name all over it.

You came here for the diamond cut with the most sparkle, right? Well, we can’t just leave you hanging without addressing exceptionally brilliant cuts. While these diamond cuts sparkle less than the round brilliant, they still gorgeously reflect a generous amount of light and are worth examining.


Exceptionally Brilliant Diamond Cuts

While these unique shapes depart from the traditional round, they retain similar cutting patterns. These diamond cuts are great options for those in the market for a super sparkly diamond that has a more unique shape than a round. Additionally, these cuts will also be available at a lower price point than the round cut. Here’s a look at three exceptionally brilliant diamond cuts:


  • Oval - An oval cut is more oblong than a traditional around, but still retains a brilliant sparkle. Additional benefits of an oval cut diamond are that they are budget-friendly, look larger than a round, and are a rare and unique shape.
  • Marquise - Not only is the marquise the oldest diamond cut, but it’s actually one of the most unique shapes. As a showstopping hybrid between the pear and oval cuts, the marquise is sure to turn heads with its brilliant sparkle.
  • Pear - Containing the same amount of facets as the round brilliant, pear diamond cuts reflect a generous amount of light, so you can expect a stunning sparkle from this cut!


Which Diamond Cuts Are Brilliant?

Now we’re entering middle tier diamond cuts for sparkle. In this category, there are four cuts that generate a good amount of brilliance. While they won’t sparkle as much as any of the diamonds above, they have intriguing selling points that make them excellent candidates for engagement rings.

Brilliant diamond cuts include Cushion, Radiant, Asscher and Emerald. Looking at the top of the Asscher and Emerald diamond cuts, you’ll notice some similarities in the way the diamonds are cut. That’s because they are defined as “step cuts,” meaning they have long, dramatic facets around the diamond. While these diamonds have a significantly dimmed sparkle, they create a unique visual effect. When light hits the diamond, it looks like a hall of mirrors. If sparkle isn’t your number one priority, these cuts offer a fancy and unique alternative.

Which Diamond Cut Has the Least Amount of Sparkle?

If you’re set on sparkle, skip the Baguette cut which is an uncommon shape featuring the step cut. Compared to a round brilliant, the baguette will exhibit less than half the amount of sparkle. As such, Baguette cut diamonds make great accent stones around a centerstone, or on a wedding band to accentuate the sparkle of your engagement ring diamond.

What Other Factors Affect Diamond Sparkle?

While a diamond’s cut is an important factor regarding sparkle, there are additional things to consider. For example, a high quality cut will sparkle more than a lower quality one. That’s why it’s vital to purchase diamonds from reputable vendors who prioritize superior craftsmanship. An inexperienced cutter can misalign the facets which will limit the amount of brilliance in the diamond.

If you see a dark strip across the center of a pear, marquise or oval diamond, known as the “bow-tie” you can guarantee a dimmer sparkle is in store. The bow-tie effect occurs as a result of a poor diamond cut. Excellent cuts exude beautiful spacing and excellent balance, symmetry and proportion.


GIA Cut Grading

When you buy a diamond it’ll have a GIA report including the cut grading. For a high quality cut, choose a diamond with a cut grading of Excellent or Very Good. These grades guarantee that the diamond will reflect a majority of the light that hits it.

Does the Setting Influence the Sparkle?

Most definitely! To allow your diamond to reflect the greatest amount of light, choose a prong setting that will allow the diamond to sparkle without limitation. Conversely, a bezel setting covers up the edges of the diamond, making it look smaller and in turn, less sparkly.

And that covers everything you need to know about the best diamond cut for sparkle! Ready to find a diamond that sparkles as bright as your love? Browse our collection of high-quality brilliant diamond cuts.

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