Why buy diamonds from experts in dubai

A diamond’s beauty comes from its sparkle, and this is impossible to judge just by looking at the grading report.

Evaluating diamonds is a skill, and like any other trade, you want someone who does it all the time to help you. Will you pay a little more for that expertise? I would suggest that should be willing to, yes!  But in reality… I actually think you pay less. At least here in dubai because of lower taxes and labor costs.

In the 1950s, the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) created a standard, easy-to-understand system for communicating diamond quality. the four C's of Diamond Grading, which simplified an inherently complex subject. As a result, consumers could be comfortable they had enough knowledge to make an expensive purchase.

Why you need an expert you may ask?

For example, two diamonds can have an identical cut grade However, they can differ dramatically in how they handle light, which is what makes a diamond beautiful. Round diamonds of the same cut grade can have huge price variations, as much as 20-30%, based on their “make.” That means the overall quality and character of the cut. Yet, their grade reports look identical.

Distinguishing a great make from an average or above-average make takes an expert, someone who truly understands diamond cutting and has examined thousands of diamonds. A lab report can’t capture the make, even if you know the optimal proportions and percentages for a specific cut and/or shape. In fact, in the trade, this is known as “buying from the report.” In my experience, people who buy off the numbers generally end up paying more than their less-educated counterparts for a diamond of comparable value. Due to all the common information being posted online. they pay for things that don’t matter or that they don’t truly understand.

The diamond industry is slowly becoming more transparent but even then unless you are a certified gemologist and spent at least 10 years in training you will notbe able to analyze how beautiful a diamond really is.

Diamonds are a commodity and are traded every second of every day the same way gold is. The only difference is that you need a reputable expert to guide you through the ins and outs.

as dubai is the most important diamond hub, gemologists from dubai are on a league of their own with the average jeweler have more expertise than the most experienced foreign gemologists.

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